A lesson I learned this week that I thought it be worth sharing - What grabs our attention vs. what we choose to give our attention to.

I have a tendency to drift in the direction of the things that capture my attention, and from my experience I observed what captures my attention normally determines the direction of my life.

And because things that tend to grab my attention are mostly accompanied by strong emotional appeal at that time, it often leads me to regretful decisions.

For example, I was walking in the mall the other day and saw a pair of dress shoes I really liked, and it instantly grabbed my attention. Soon after, I was filled with strong desire to have them. I was filled with so much emotion that I wasn’t able to rationalize if I really NEEDED them or just WANTED them because how stylish I would look in them.

After a few hours battling with the decision, I realized purchasing based on ‘WANT’ (instead of ‘NEED’) is often an attempt to satisfy a craving, but very rarely does consumption lead to contentment.

So I had a choice, purchase the shoes with guilt or make a wise decision and walk away; Besides, like everything else I purchased, after a few wears, what I initially obsessed over ends up being just another item I own.

This is when it occurred to me, whereas emotions fuel the things that grab my attention, intentionality fuel my decision to give certain things my attention.

The things that I choose to give my attention to are generally better for me and aligns me for success in the future.

In every area of our life, there are things competing for our attention, that is why it is very important to decide ahead of time to pay attention to those things that need and deserve our attention.

Important thing to remember: What we give our attention to, we also give authority to, and as our attention goes, so goes our life.

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