Battles of Life

All the decisions and choices I have made in my life, both good and bad, has led me to where I am today.

Even though I knew challenges would come my way, I never anticipated to be this difficult.

And I may not have a choice in what is happening in my life, but I certainly can choose how you respond to it.

I strongly believe, my current struggle is put on my path to build character in me and in return be a light for those that are experiencing similar struggles.

Every morning I prepare through prayer and meditation, like a soldier about to go to battle, for strength, courage and confidence to fight the enemy within, that says "I am not good enough, or I don't have what it takes to succeed "; and replace it with the voice of truth that says "I am good enough, I was made to make a difference, and I will succeed"

I must persevere and keep my eyes focused on my goal. And believe God has higher purpose He is teaching me through this trial!

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