Be in the moment

As I was running around this weekend rushing through my Christmas to do list, it occurred to me how easily I can miss out on the festivities and the importance of Christmas, when my mind is busy thinking about gifts to get and meals to prepare.

t’s very easy to lose sight of what matters most this holiday season when we are all busy preparing for Christmas, but let us not forget the greatest gift we can give people - our time! Because it’s the only thing you’ll never get back.

We always complain how time flies or holidays are never long enough, but the reality of it is, it partly has to do with being too busy preparing, planning and posting on social media, that we hardly stop and enjoy the moment.

And by the time we realize this, the holidays are over and we are back to our daily routine.

During these times, I find it very important to take a step back, put your phone away, count every blessing, and most importantly make every moment count.

Let us be people who live in light of this and devote our time to the people we love, to those in need, and most importantly to God, who give the ultimate gift of his Son, Jesus.

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