Beauty of Life

I used to live a life controlled by circumstances and external influence. My mood and behavior were strongly correlated by the fear of the unknown challenges that lay ahead and what others thought of me. I used to constantly pray “God please let this be a ‘good' and ‘easy’ day without any issues or problems”. Not realizing I was limiting myself for growth. How can I expect to grow and achieve my ultimate purpose IF I don't embrace the challenges that come with it!

The beauty of life is its uncertainty. If you knew the future and everything it would entail, where would the excitement be?

The challenges & difficulties we face daily is not there to break us or deter us. In fact, quite the opposite! The challenges we face are provided to help us become the better version of ourselves.

The beauty is you're not alone in the process, Christ has outlined countless times and in many different ways of how He and His angel armies are there to guide, protect, and help you.

The only thing stopping you right now is your disbelief and doubt - which originated from your thought process. So to EMBRACE these challenges you need to change your MINDSET!

Focus on the lesson and not the difficulties. He has already given you all the tools and support you need... what more do we expect, aside from the simple request of "faith" in yourself, which ultimately leads to faith in God (as we are His image-bearers)

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