I was sitting by the fireplace at my parents' house the other day and couldn’t help but reflect on all the decisions I had made that led me to where I am today.

Was I happy with the way my life to turned out? Was I happy with all the decisions I have made so far? Is there anything I would do differently this year?

Although I am grateful for my health and how far I have come, I couldn't help but think of the areas I needed to improve on.

As I was reflecting, I suddenly felt a cloud of guilt, shame and disgust with some of the poor choices I had made, which explained the reason why certain areas of my life was not as great as I had hoped.

I wrote out all the areas of my life I wasn't happy about and noticed a pattern - that a lot of the poor decisions I made were the result of actions without thinking about the consequences- because it felt good at the time.

Here is the choice I have in front of me right now: sob over the past mistakes and live in misery, OR learn from the past and make it my goal to change for a better future.

Life is about the choices I make. Some of choices I will regret and some I will be proud of, but the fact remains I am who I choose to be.

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