Every day we have a choice on how we respond to people around us – we are either blessing them or cursing them.

The concept “to bless” derives from the Latin word bendicere – which means “to speak well of”. What would be the opposite of blessing? It is to curse.

So, every day I have a choice on how I respond to people around me - from my body language all the way to the words I use; from walking to work and taking the transit, to my interaction with work colleagues, and everything in between – am I being kind, and showing them love, or do I view them as obstacles in my path.

When I choose to be selfish and want everything at my convenience (at the expense of others) I form this negative cloud of judgement and critical thinking of others. I had a bad habit of quickly judging people at a glance without even any interaction - whether it was how they walked, or what they wore, or how they spoke, or what they ate, I would subconsciously form judgements. This became so bad that I didn’t even notice I would do it.

This is when I realized, if I truly believe we are ALL made in God’s image, then I need to ensure I portray His Love to others around me. I have been so used to judging and cursing that I have forgotten my blessings, let alone be able to bless others.

As God’s child, I have a duty to be a hopeful person in the words I use of one another. The best way to stop ‘cursing’ others is to start ‘blessing’ them, and I have started this reaction and pray it becomes contagious enough, that we all start blessing one another and stop the cursing and judging.

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