Careful Choices

We all aspire to be great, and work daily towards the achievement of our goals. However, when was the last time you stopped and evaluated your growth? You can work hard every day, with proper planning and execution, but if you don't MEASURE your growth, how do you really know how far you have come since the time you started?

I work hard every day to ensure I am progressing towards the ultimate achievement of my goals, but if you asked me a month ago "how far have you come along?" – I couldn't give you a definitive answer. It wasn't that I wasn't productive; it was that I was never conscious of MEASURING how far I have come. This is when I realized, it’s important to know where you are in order to gauge where you are going.

The greatest measurement of your growth to success is through self-reflection.

Think of life like a GPS, to know where you need to go (Destination) you have to know where you are now.

So to ensure I am on the correct growth path, I schedule some time each week where I analyze the past week and see where I was successful and which areas I need to improve on. Through this discipline, I formed the habit to self-reflect and measure my progress; with each reflection a new height of understanding is achieved, which in turn unlock the doors to greater opportunities. Amongst those doors- my door to freedom!

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