Change by Choice

I have really committed to making a lot of changes in different areas of my life. Going forward I am going to keep a consistent routine with exercising, reading my books that have piled on for years and praying & meditating every day.

The problem I’m currently going through is taking on more task than I can manage, postponing them until the weekend and end up rushing through just to get it out of the way. Causing me to stress because I end up not having enough time to complete all of it and left with an overdue to do list that lingers in the back of my mind for weeks.

My recent list have been to work on my fears and weaknesses, go to the gym or exercise regularly, read by books, do my taxes, clean the files in my computer, back up my phone and the list goes on and on.

I even tried praying and meditating every morning before I start the day, so I can focus in on what needs to get done, and even though it does help, I can’t help but keep thinking about the things I have to do while I am praying or meditating, defeating the purpose of grounding myself and finding peace.

it didn’t really resolve the problem, because while I’m praying or meditating everything I need to get done for the day interrupts my focus.

It has been a real struggle for me, but I realized a huge part of the problem has been that I don’t write it down.

So I am going to commit in writing everything down, If I think of something I need to do or if I start thinking about the past, I’m going to capture it in my journal along with my mood and how I feel about it. I figure if I do this, I will be able to see what I need to get done instead of constantly thinking about it and pushing it off until the weekend.

My reasoning is that if I write it down It will really help me clear my mind and I will slowly be able to work on the areas I need to improve on. This in turn is one way I can actually work on fear of failure, by taking action and taking the negativity and redirected it in a POSITIVE direction.

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