I have a very bad habit of being emotionally driven in achieving my goals. For instance, a year ago I promised myself to start making videos besides the IG postings to reach more people, but find myself delaying the process and making excuses to hide the guilt.

I observed during my peak points, where I am energetic and happy, I am super productive, I am able to tackle all I need to get done, and truthfully I feel accomplished.

But unfortunately, the peaks don’t last, and as soon as I fall back into the valley and experience difficult setbacks, I tend to get distracted too easily and drift from productivity into idleness.

It’s funny how we read motivational quotes and agree with the message, but hardly take the time to reflect and apply it. As if we are chasing momentary happiness to relieve the guilt we feel. At least that’s how I feel!

I realized one major reason why I am not consistent in rising to the level of my full potential has mainly to do with my focus on ‘what’ I want to achieve, instead of ‘who’ I want to become as the result.

Like most, I have a tendency of affiliating ‘failing’ with my identity (being a ‘failure’), and that’s why as soon as I experience setbacks, I begin doubting myself.

Which brings me to an important lesson I learned this week that really resonated with me: Unhealthy identity creates unwise habits, and then unwise habits reinforces unhealthy identity, creating a cycle that ends up negatively impacting our life.

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