Controlling our emotions

I learned a crucial lesson this week that in order to control my inner thoughts, I have to be aware of the feelings that accompany it.

When my brain is taking orders from my heart, I always end up making the wrong decisions. As there are countless times, I think of the right things to do, but I am easily persuaded by how I feel and end up making choices I end up regretting.

This is when I learned that my heart should not be my guide, so when I decide to quit taking cues from my heart, my brain has a new role.

Truth is, my brain is a better decision-maker than following my heart, and if I let it, my heart will direct me down a path that leads to the very spot I most want to avoid.

So, I am going to make sure I don’t spend the next season of my life trying to untangle myself from decisions I made in this season. I won’t have to spend another sleepless night trying to understand why I did what I did.

That way, instead of looking for excuses to prop up my heart decisions, my brain can start looking for the real reason I want to do things

By examining the real reason, I will free myself from the deceptive power of my heart.

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