Emotionally Weak

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." (Matt 5:5)

Meekness begins when we put our trust in God. Then we commit our anxieties, our frustrations, our plans, our relationships, our jobs, our health and even our anger to Him. And then we wait patiently for the Lord. We trust in His timing, power and grace to work things out in the best way for His glory & for our good.

My hardest battle is learning to trust God to defend me when my opinion is not heard, to remain patient when my prayer or request remains unanswered, and learning to control my anger.

The promise that the meek shall inherit the earth is intended by the Lord to give us the strength to endure in meekness when the natural inclination would be to defend ourselves or retaliate or give way to fretful anger.

It is ok to be angry, but as Aristotle gracefully put it "Be angry with the right person, for the right reason for the right amount of time.”

Therefore it is important that we pray about our anger, so we ensure it is the right anger and not fretful anger. Because if we do not, we will become the things we hate.

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