The power within

A very important lesson that I learned this week is – self-confidence is mastered from within and not through people’s opinion about me.

I was so caught up in trying to find my identity and approval from social media (monitoring the number of views or likes I got) or by seeking approval from my friends, family & colleagues, that I lost sight of my values and how I truly viewed myself.

And because of this, I struggled in identifying what my strength, weakness, gifts and abilities were. I was looking in the wrong places for the answer.

I can’t go on trying to please other people and lie to myself. This is why I decided that the only opinion that really matters is the one I hold about myself. It doesn’t mean I don’t take constructive feedback, especially if it is meant to make me a better person, but I shouldn’t allow other people’s opinions have full power over my life.

At the end of the day, If I fail to see my own values and lack confidence as the result, I shouldn’t expect others to find it for me.

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