Express vs. Impress

It took me months to finally differentiate the difference between learning to express myself vs. Impressing people.

It’s still a learning process, but I am gradually starting to take in what in the lesson, apply it to my life, then express it through my own experience, instead of regurgitating it as a motivational quote to others.

My problem is, as soon as I read or see something worthwhile, my first thought is to share it with people.

And more of then not, I am too concerned with writing or saying things I think people want to hear instead of what they need to hear, the TRUTH, no matter how uncomfortable it makes them feel.

Because what I fail to say can end up robbing someone who really needs to hear it.

Bottom line is, Truth should not be comprised!

I can’t expect to make a difference in other people’s lives if I keep focusing on impressing them.

I realized that’s the only way I can be authentic and grow in maturity.

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