Facing Challenges

I have come to realize that acceptance is much healthier than denial in dealing with any situation. I noticed every time I deny feelings the emotions during a difficult moment in my life, I end up making the situation bigger than what it really is otherwise.

For instance, after my separation, I tried so hard to ignore the feelings of my loss, but all that did was delay the healing process.

What I recently found helpful was acknowledging the truth of the situation, process the thoughts, express my feelings (just letting it all out), and most importantly looking to God for what He's going to do. The result so far has been a deep sense of relief and comfort, as if a load has been lifted off my shoulders.

I find it very comforting that I don’t need to have all the answers behind why things end up the way they do, and I don’t need to pretend that everything is ok when in reality they’re not! I just need to accept the situation for what it is and keep moving forward.

Problem is, too often we face the battles of our lives with focus on ‘getting-out as soon as possible’ because how uncomfortable it makes us feel and failing to learn the lesson that lies within the struggles.

But an important lesson to remember is, if you look back at all the challenges you faced so far in your life, you will notice you were able to overcome them, no matter how big or small.

So remind yourself, whatever you are facing now, this too shall pass, what are you learning in the process!

Something that has really helped me in my journey is: You Remember what God has done; You accept what God is doing; You trust what God is going to do.

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