Facing Trials

Up until this year, I used to look at struggles I faced as a bad thing, and I lived my life in a constant struggle. I still do, except now I see I am slowly starting to see the beauty and gift that comes from the art of the struggle.

Let’s face it, we all struggle in some way, even the people who appear to have it al figured out.

We all feel like it’s too much for us to handle and some days see no way out of it. But one important lesson that really changed my life is, going through struggle is not about suffering, it’s about overcoming adversity.

When my life took a nasty turn for the worse, the brutal reality with where I was, and making the decision to change for the better, by recognizing my flaws and working on them, caused little changes to occur inside of me.

I had to learn to embrace it and not avoid it.

Something I constantly remind myself of everyday.

Bottom line is, we are all capable of so much more then we realize, but unless we don’t let go of our fears, how we’re perceived by others, or anything else that is not serving us, then we will continue to feel the weight of these struggles.

Let go of the past and choose to become more. Be hungry for change. Break down those barriers that seem impossible. Push through the hurt and don’t look back.

If I am able to do it, then I believe everyone is more then capable of doing.

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