Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

On my previous post I wrote about the next challenge I was battling. This week is the update on how I am progressing.

Writing down what I needed to do really helped me see all the tasks I had to complete and assess the timeline I made were realistic and achievable or not.

For example, I began writing down everything I could think of wanting to get done and by when I wanted them completed by. When I began to work on the timeline is when reality hit. Do I have enough time to complete these tasks in a week? How long do I realistically need? If I were to cut back on some other areas, can I achieve all these tasks in one week?

Asking myself these questions helped me put my plan into perspective, and see the areas that was consuming majority of my time.

It also helped me reduce my stress level, since I am no longer the victim of circumstances and 'thinking' about what to do but I can actually see the plan and what I need to do on paper.

I know one area I need to still work on is how I spend my time after work. I noticed I spend too much time on unproductive, time wasting activities and not enough time on tasks that will help me achieve my goals. Time to work on the discipline.

Love to know what do you do to stay on track?

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