Intentional Living

Discovering to live each day intentionally – both ALERT and CONSCIOUS of my every move & action -has greatly helped me identify the areas that I needed to improve on.

It is so easy to live on autopilot, not considering every CHOICE we make has an ultimate CONSEQUENCE.

The problem was thinking my daily habits were not as important in relation to the "GOALS" I had in mind to achieve. I quickly realized that the thought patterns I CHOSE were the main CAUSE of the bad habits I developed. So in order to progress and achieve my goals, I had to ensure I had formed the right mindset to mold my character into making and shaping my condition, environment and destiny.

Forming the discipline to be ALERT & CONSCIOUS of every thought and action, allows your mind to be active and on guard – ready to conquer any negativity and thereby giving you the opportunity to live life on your own terms!

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