Journey of a thousand miles

Have you ever experienced where things always appear scarier than they really are, until you try it and realize it was not as bad as you thought it was?

I began capturing my thoughts on video this week, and although I still need a lot more practice, I was able to notice areas I needed to change or improve on with each take, that I would have never been able to identify had I just sat and waited for the perfect timing in the 'planning' phase.

I found it very helpful to look at the videos as my personal journal, which allowed me to shift my focus from being too critical over the way I talk, move or look to focusing on the message.

And to keep this focus, I am learning to find the 'why' behind my intention, as it's very important to remember the connection between the task and the goal that I want to achieve. When I feel myself losing sight of that, I need to stop and ask myself "why?", because If I lose sight of the 'why' I will surely lose sight of my goal and allow fear to take over again.

To ensure I form the habit and keep the momentum, I made it a goal to make 1 or 2 videos a day, review the videos & identify if I am really capturing the message I want to share. If I fail, I remind myself that its ok, I will keep trying over and over and over again until I am comfortable with it.

I also found it helpful to look back on the history of all the leaders and the countless times they failed and almost lost hope, until they succeeded; at which point they had no regrets over the blood, sweat and tear they put into making their masterpiece.

The journey towards their success is what helped them build character and achieve their goal and not just the end result. This was my lesson this week.

We all have weaknesses & fears as its part of being human, but what separates the elite from mediocrity is what we chose to do with it.

It's only when I take action I learn what works or doesn't work and the path I never saw before will begin to emerge.

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