Life's Difficulties

I wouldn't describe myself as an introverted individual, but I allowed my insecurities get the better of me. Too afraid to face it, I avoided anything that would bring it out. Eventually I developed a low self-esteem and lack of self-respect to live life in my own terms. As you can imagine, the result was catastrophic – being controlled by my insecurities and not being able to take advantage of the opportunities that lay in front of me.

I devalued myself, thinking and eventually believing I wasn’t good enough for anything.

It wasn't until I realized - all the GIFTS, TALENTS & SKILLS I needed where within me ready to be discovered and used. When I began the exploration, I began to experience the positive changes in my life.

The journey hasn’t been easy, but with careful planning and constant refinement of my philosophy, along with practicing the disciplines of changing my attitude, my thought process and my habits daily – I am that much closer to my GOALS.

You see everyone is GIFTED – sadly some people never opened their package!

I no longer allow the insecurities dictate the story of my life……

Instead I turn my FOCUS on SELF-CONFIDENCE- believe in my ABILITIES & SKILLS.

Drawing out the GIFTS & TALENTS within me that create VALUE and breed ACHIEVEMENT;

And ALLOW that to be a compass – constantly guiding and keeping me on track on my journey towards SUCCESS

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