Live With Style

I find myself falling off my discipline during weekends and holidays.

I build all the moment and keep on track during the week, but when it comes to weekends and statutory holidays, I find that I don’t plan my time productively and just go with the flow.

I have to plan my weekends the way I do my week or my life, there isn’t a lot of time waste if I want to achieve my goals.

I was listening to Jim Rohn’s podcast the other day and he said “don’t learn how to earn, learn how to live”

This is when it occurred to me, what kind of lifestyle am I leading? what do I take enjoyment in doing? what do I like indulging in? whom do I associate myself around? Am I living the lifestyle I desire, or do I need to change and grow?

What a difference that made. How I spend my days (weekdays and weekends) is a reflection of the style of life I am leading. This is why my weekends and holidays are not as productive as I would like them to be. So it’s time to develop a better style of living - my style of seeing, giving, sharing and enjoying.

You see Style - is an art, a design; and lifestyle is reserved for those who are willing to study and practice the higher arts of life.

Mortimer Adler once said “If we don’t go for the higher taste, we will settle for the lower”

So its time for me to begin enjoying the experience of living with style, and stop making excuses.

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