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Emotions are often easily misunderstood. We like to think we can handle everything, however many find it hard to process, express and use their emotions for good. At the core of our deepest emotions are the beliefs that drive them.

When I learned how my emotions were affecting my overall relationship and health, I was forced to take an honest look at the problem. I knew if I didn’t learn to control my emotions, they’d continue to control me. And I couldn’t go on living that way.

So I learned to change my thought process. By doing so, I may not be able to change the situation but I can at least change the way I believe the situation is affecting me. In cognitive reappraisal, I replaced the thoughts that lead to unhappiness with thoughts that lead instead to joy.

Remember, God created all emotions and they are not meant to be bad, and in fact, He wants us to be honest about our emotions. David was honest about his weaknesses, worries and trials, evident in the Psalter found in the Bible. Jeremiah was honest with his emotions when he thought that God had caused him trouble by calling him to be a prophet (Jeremiah 20:7).

Emotions are a vital part of our everyday lives. But in times of extreme emotion, God asks us to be still and search for Him, not rush and make hasty decisions that are unrestrained and unguided. Colossians 3:15 tells us, "And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body."

It's not the presence of emotions that breaks us, but whether or not we would let emotions influence our decisions and actions.

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