God does not work according to my plan.

There will be times when things happen that is unexplainable, and you find yourself stuck, not knowing how to proceed forward.

This is my battle, this is my journey with God. To trust in his ability to see me through the storm that is hovering over my life.

A month ago, I would have never seen this coming. I thought I had it all figured out, and was seeing the rewards, but I got blind sighted with glorifying my achievement, my hustle and my hard work, that I neglected to glorify and trust God who provided the opportunity and for a greater Purpose then myself.

So when I was struck with an impenetrable challenge, I lost hope. I became frightened and doubted how to overcome it.

I knew challenges would come, but I didn’t expect with this magnitude.

I don’t have all the answers, but I am slowly realizing the areas that I need to improve on.

I keep reminding myself daily, that it is not about me. I am made for by Him and for Him. When I focus on my problems, I’m essentially telling God how big my problems are. Instead I need to focus on God and tell my problems how big my God is.

The word of God says “for the spirit of heaviness put on the garment of praise, as this is how you should fight your battles”.

And this is something I am learning to do. It’s like a emotional roller coaster, one moment I feel better and have a grip, the next I have no idea what I am doing and seem lost and confused.

I only see what is, but God sees what will be. So I am going to practice putting my faith in Him and letting go and trusting that God only has my best intention in mind.

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