Reap what you Sow

I never considered how costly my daily choices were, until I was stuck with a garden of weeds (problem, debt, trouble, etc...)

It was easy to live daily without noticing the consequences of my choices on my future outcome. And because trouble doesn’t wait around the corner to warn you, the destruction I was reaping - ended up being too costly to ignore.

I realized during my self-reflection, I was so used to making poor choices without even thinking twice about the consequences. Some were “in your face” habits that I was able to realize, but majority were deadly, yet subtle poor habits that I never acknowledged. I began the process of capturing ALL the habits I could think of- both good and bad. Deliberately being ALERT of every decision and choice I made throughout the day for a few weeks. I was amazed with what I discovered.

I went to work - changing these poor habits to few simple disciplines. I transitioned from “I don’t know what to do or change” to knowing exactly what I must do and change to see immediate results.

I knew if I wanted to succeed on my next challenge and achieve my ultimate goal in life, then I must be willing to come out of my COMFORT ZONE. To put aside the excuses, identify & resolve my poor daily habits, and ensure the magnetic pull of the future is still far greater than the pull of my past mistakes.

Don’t wait for circumstances to force you to change. Begin the process of practicing simple daily disciplines to embrace the changes.

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