Restful Mind

I recently learned that life is all about finding the right balance between working hard and resting.

I always used to think that resting should be my last resort when I am on the pursuit of growth & development, but the reality is that I am not a robot and need rest to be productive. I can’t think straight if I am physical or mentally exhausted, and that frustrates me.

When I make time to relax and have “me” time alone away from all the distractions, I notice my mind becomes receptive and I get clarity on what I need to do.

This is why finding the time to relax is just as important as working hard, because it allows me to clear my mind and get away from the everyday pattern of life, to energize, get in harmony with my body, mind and spirit and come back refreshed and stronger.

Remember that your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.

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