Self Image

Too often we get caught up with the latest trends, that we tend to confuse our wants with our needs, and as the result we often lose our true identity.

For years, I lived in the shadow of impressing & pleasing people and sensitive to their opinion of me, that I never truly had an opinion of my own.

Living such a life led me to feeling of loneliness, despair, anxiety and sometimes depression. No matter how hard I tried to please people, I always found myself disappointed and falling short.

My brother told me a famous saying once that really stuck with me, he said "you can please some people all the time; you can please all people sometimes, but you cannot please all people all the time."

This was a reality call to find my identity within, and not in people or material possessions. And knowing I did not create myself, I had to seek my creator - God. The more I sought God and prayed, the more confident I was with who I am and less concerned with what others thought of me.

Each one of us is uniquely made in His image and given skills and abilities, that once identified, can be used to pursue your greatest purpose, and live how God intended, instead of exhausting yourself to please others.

As part of my journey, I am learning to EXPRESS myself instead of IMPRESS others.

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