Self Improvement

All too often, as I have personally experienced in my own life, we believe that our circumstances are more powerful than we are. If only I had known then that if I had changed myself, everything would have changed for me, I could have avoided a lot of regrets and heartaches.

Sadly, as humans, we tend to learn from our mistakes, and some are more costly than others.

But not until recently, I realized how I view my circumstances determines my outlook in life.

It’s what I THINK that determines how I feel.

It’s what I THINK that determines what course of action I take.

It’s what I THINK that determines whether I turn my circumstances to my advantage or to my destruction.

Whatever I experience in life- good or bad, joy or sadness, positive or negative, strength or weakness - it is my thoughts that can make the best circumstances bad or painful circumstances into greatness.

If you notice, everything around us works within a system that we have limited control over, but for some reason we allow our feelings to determine our mood. For instance, why is it that when it’s a rainy day, majority of us feel lazy and complain; and if it is sunny out, we feel happy and energetic, yet nothing has really changed, it’s our view of the surrounding that has created those feelings.

I realize in life I may not always get to choose what happens. I may not always get to choose my circumstances. But I can ALWAYS choose how I think about them, how I feel about them, and ultimately what I do about them.

Like everything valuable in life, I know this will take time to master, but if I really want freedom, I have to learn to direct my energy and focus on the one area I do have control over: my mind!

Circumstances do not make the man, they reveal him.

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