Self Sabatoge

Part of controlling how you respond to difficult situation is learning to attack the root cause of the problem and not just the symptom.

This means focusing on the choices you make and analyzing the consequences of each decision, no matter how small or minor they may seem at the time.

A major factor I had to consider was looking at what I value in my life. If I can’t center myself based on who I am and what I value, then I will easy be triggered by every difficulty I face.

Something that has helped me, and I hope it will benefit you as well is, reflecting on my strengths, my accomplishments, my potential and why I was created. When I focus on these things, I can redirect my thoughts on what I need to do and how to do it. Thereby not fixating on the problem and giving rise to unnecessary emotions that only make the situation worse.

Like most people, this isn’t something I paid much attention to. That is, it’s not until I am faced with a difficult situation where I feel alone and lost that I am forced to reconcile within.

But what I am learning is, every time I allow the emotions to die off and re-look at the situation, I can see more clearly on how I should approach it.

It is so important to remember, You are not the product of your circumstances but the product of your choices.

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