Storm's of Life

As I sit here thinking what to write for this week's post, I am heavily weighed down by the pain I feel in my heart.

It’s so easy to say it will get better, but right now I don’t feel it.

Every day is a constant battle, somedays I feel like I have full control, but then there other days, more often then not, where I don’t know how I am going to get through it. My energy fully drained and my mind exhausted from constant thoughts of things I cannot change nor control.

I keep wishing for things to get better, but I know that won't come without the struggles. Do I have it in me to push through?

If it is patience what you require God, then how much more pain can I endure?

Restore your joy in me and give me hope to fight through this.

You created me and know what’s best. Help me feel your presence in this storm I’m in.

To hear you say “I’m with you, don’t worry I never lose, stay close to me, and it’ll all be alright”.

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