Like most people, I considered 'FAILURE' as a sign of weakness or rejection.

I know failure is a part of life – in fact, I read countless books describing how all great leaders had once failed. But the issue wasn't with knowing I would fail, but more on how I could manage the feeling that accompanied it every time.

I allowed failure to negatively impact my life. I took it very personally, causing me to lose motivation and become paralyzed on pursuing my goals any further. I eventually formed judgements about any particular tasks before even initiating them.

I realized the word Failure has received such a negative connotation that I automatically affiliate it with my self-worth. When I really began to assess the word Failure and what it truly means to me, is when I formed my judgement on the word. You are only considered a FAILURE if you give up and allow the bad habits you have formed to drift from one day to the next, repeating the errors and listening to the negative voices and making the wrong choices.

Remember, just because you FAIL at something, doesn’t mean you’re a FAILURE.

Success and failure go hand in hand. No one fails all the time, and no one succeeds all the time. We learn how to succeed through our failures.

I'll leave you with one final thought – when Thomas Edison sought to invent natural rubber, he completed 50,000 experiments and ended with 50,000 failures. A discouraged assistant said to him, “Mr. Edison, we have tried 50,000 experiments, and we have had no results.” Edison replied, “No Results! We have great results. We now know 50,000 things which won’t work.”

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