Thought is the font of action

A very important lesson I am learning in life is to think well, so I can live well!

I have always been very fascinated about how the human mind works. I read countless books on topics like how information is processed, how habits and routines are formed, the different areas of the mind and their purpose, and the list goes on!

But I always read these books as gaining ‘knowledge’ but failing to look deeper into the ‘understanding’ of how it is impacting my life. I started reading into my thoughts, and realized how much it was controlling me. I knew I had a serious problem! I wasn’t able to control my thoughts, and as the result lacked the willpower to even try, and fearing of what else I might discover.

I realized I became the manifestation of my thoughts. My thoughts formed my habits which became my character, and I wasn’t happy with how my destiny was beginning to look.

If I am meant for more, am I really living up to my potential right now? Am I heading towards the right direction? Or am I going the completely wrong way!

I learned that if you are aware of your thoughts and attitudes, you can choose to change them as well.

Your thoughts dictate your moves, and can be consciously controlled so you decide which path in life you need to take, by learning willpower and entertaining thoughts that will make you grow, ponder and search for answers.

It is a state of being mentally aware at all times.

Eventually, you can train your thoughts on what you need to accomplish, and how badly you want to accomplish it, and it will start acting like a warning signal, WHEN you’re off track, nudging and reminding you to get back on track!

I am slowly beginning to understand and see my mind as a tool that generates ideas, opinions, and beliefs about myself and the people around me, and not their to sabotage me.

The human mind is the new battlefield!

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