Why Worry?

There will be situations in life you will have no control over. During those time’s it is very important to remember your priorities and count your blessings. It is so easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment and lose focus of what really matters!

I learned that if you don’t seek counsel, take the advice of people close to you and apply the wisdom they share, you will have much more difficulty trying to find the lesson in the hurt.

This life we live in will always have difficult moments to face, and if we allow these moments to dictate our life, we will always put off what really matters most, and miss out on the wonderful blessings around us.

The stress of the difficulty you are currently facing should be given less priority then the importance of your health, relationships and values in your life.

Remember, even though you may not have control over the circumstances, you definitely have control over how you react and respond to them.

The importance is to learn from it so you avoid repeating it again, but don’t dwell, push past the situation and rise above it.

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